Walking, Belper, Aromatherapy, Wellbeing, massage, Derbyshire

Walking for Wellbeing

Walking, Belper, Aromatherapy, Wellbeing, massage, Derbyshire
A view of Belper from the Chevin, March 2019

I love a good walk. I like to feel my heart beating and my breathing quicken as I power up a hill. I like to stop and soak up the fresh air, the scent of the forest and flowers and gaze at a view not appreciated before. I like to be nosey into houses and gardens that you can’t see when whizzing by in the car. I like to observe the seasons changing; lambs in the spring, floral abundance in the summer, leaves turning red, gold, orange and purple in the autumn and frost coating the branches in the winter.

I like the opportunity it gives for talking, without actually being face to face, but alongside each other. After an argument I find it less confrontational and more like teamwork. It is soothing to be out in nature, not so fraught and confined. Problems seem to disappear after a good old slog up a hill and a moment’s pause for gratitude.

I like to explore new areas, discover new footpaths and uncover hidden places to rest, relax and regain my inner peace. I like going back to favourite haunts and reliving memories made there.

Travel, wellbeing, Aromatherapy, massage, Belper, Derbyshire, Spain, Altea
View from Aleta, Spain. November 2018

There’s no thinking about personal bests when I’m on a walk. I’m not in it for the competition, to be better than anyone else or myself. It is purely for my enjoyment, my fulfilment, my soul. But I also know that it is good for my health. Physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual, for all the reasons mentioned above.

Where’s your favourite place to walk? Why? Where’s on the list to discover next?