Eden in winter, part one

The last time I went to the Eden Project in Cornwall was over 10 years ago so I was interested to find out what had changed and what had stayed the same.

If only I could gallop away on one of these magical beauties

I was delighted the horse sculptures by Heather Jansch were still there to greet visitors at the entrance to the visitor centre. They are stunning, I remember being blown away by them when I first saw them, I don’t know how many years ago.

It was a cold, wet and windy day in the middle of February this year when I went, but thankfully warm inside, dry in the temperate biome and humid in the tropical biome. It is fascinating to see the array of plants grown inside the domes, and outside as you wend your way from the car park, through the visitor centre, down the banks of the ‘massive crater’ that houses the domes and across the bridge to their entrance.  (I will go into specific plants in part two.)

Veg plot goals

This is the vegetable garden with the tropical biome behind. It’s just before the bridge to the biomes and right next to the canteens, so the kitchen staff can use fresh, home grown produce in their dishes. Delicious, sustainable sustenance!

A new introduction for me was to be met in the tropical biome by roul-rouls, a type of partridge originally from Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. They are colourful, rotund birds that camouflage well on the rainforest floor and help with pest control in the biome.

The biomes remain as impressive as the first time I saw them, like giant bubble wrap waiting to be jumped on and popped. From the (new to me) canopy walkway in the tropical biome you can really appreciate the structure, and get a great view of the rainforest below.

The temperate biome feels like a garden I’d like to escape into, with it’s fragrant herbs, olive groves and citrus trees. There’s even a friendly goat to rest on when your feet are tired from walking all day.

Smiley goat

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